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11 June 2015

Why Vertical Parking Can Increase Your Parking Space

Vertical parking solutions are the answer for all limited space problems.Many parking lot owners find themselves wishing to expand their space, but being unable to do so. Either they cannot buy enough real estate to add parking spaces, or they cannot add more levels to their parking decks. If you are a parking lot owner and find yourself in this situation, a vertical parking system from Smart Parking Solution Inc. can solve your problem.

A vertical parking unit is operated by software that lets parking lot owners stack vehicles vertically on top of one another. This lets up to sixteen cars fit into a space where only two could originally park. It is safe, easy to use, and financially affordable.

Features of Vertical Parking

Features of Vertical Parking

There are several other excellent features of vertical parking systems. These features include:

  • Small units (7 yards by 5.5 yards) that are mobile and scalable for your individual needs
  • Easy installation of only three to five days
  • A useful life of fifteen to twenty years
  • Easy financing and lease options, as well as a ten year structured warranty
  • Software that is easy to use
  • A manual option so that the units can be operated even during a power outage
  • Systems that are environmentally friendly

For more info about Vertical Parking

You should start by contacting Smart Parking Solution Inc. Your call will get you a free information kit about vertical parking systems, and we will be happy to discuss financing and lease options for you, or even rent to own options depending on your needs.

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