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21 May 2015

Why Vertical Parking Can Be the Perfect Solution

A vertical parking system can be just what your space needs. Trying to increase your available parking space, but do not have the ability to expand your parking lot or deck horizontally? Smart Parking Solution Inc. provides vertical parking systems that allow cars to be stacked on top of each other, rather than next to each other, to increase your available parking spaces by up to eight times your original capacity.

Because our vertical parking systems allow for cars to be safely and effectively stacked, they can be a great solution if you have limited space to expand, as our customers in large cities or urban areas often experience. The vertical parking systems we provide only take up seven yards by five and a half yards of space, so it can increase your parking without you having to expand horizontally.

Why Vertical Parking Can Be the Perfect Solution

Other Reasons to Get a Vertical Parking System

There are other excellent benefits of installing a vertical parking system in your lot.

  • They are affordable – we provide easy financing and lease to own options, as well as a ten year structured warranty on our systems
  • They are user friendly – the software that controls the automatic vertical parking systems is very easy to use
  • They are mobile and scalable – we can provide systems that fit your space and your needs
  • They are durable – after an installation process of only three to five days, your system will last up to twenty years

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