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16 April 2015

Vertical Parking: An Innovative Parking Vertical Solution

When you only have a limited space available to expand your parking, vertical parking is the best solution to increase the number of cars that you can fit in your lot. Smart Parking Solution Inc. provides vertical parking systems that allow you to stack many more cars in your limited space than you could before.

Although installing vertical parking may seem like a massive undertaking, it in fact requires very little disruption to your preexisting space and can be installed very quickly. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and even environmentally friendly. That is why more and more parking lot owners are turning to vertical parking as a way to increase their limited parking space.

vertical parking

What Are the Benefits of Vertical Parking?

Vertical parking systems through Smart Parking Solution Inc. come with several benefits for parking lot owners and business owners.

  • Calling us today will get you a free information kit about our systems
  • Our systems can be installed in as little as three to five days
  • Vertical parking systems can last fifteen to twenty years
  • Our systems come with a ten year structured warranty
  • Easy financing and lease options are available to buyers
  • Installing our systems only requires around 7 yards by 5.5 yards of space

Additionally, because the software for our vertical parking solutions has a powerful but user friendly interface, our systems are easy to use and manage. They can also be operated manually if there are power issues.

Interested in Vertical Parking Solution?

Smart Parking Solution Inc. can be reached by phone at 877-708-8904, by fax at 718-945-1806, or by email at By contacting us, you can get a copy of our free information kit, or you can place your order and have your vertical parking system installed right away.