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31 March 2015

The Benefits of an Automated Parking System

Smart Parking Solution Inc. provides an innovative solution to the issue of limited available parking space. New technology has allowed us to create an automated parking system that utilizes robotic technology to stack vehicles vertically, making the most of a small and limited parking lot.

An automated parking system utilizes powerful and user friendly software so that operators can interface with the system to easily and efficiently keep as many vehicles as possible in your limited space. This provides the perfect solution for lots that do not have much space to expand or for business owners who do not want to make expensive real estate investments to expand their lots.

Automated Parking System

What to Know About an Automated Parking System

The systems offered by Smart Parking Solution Inc.:

  • Have a useful life of anywhere from fifteen to twenty years
  • Are movable and scalable so that they can be easily moved around your lot
  • Allow vehicles to be stacked vertically (up to 16 vehicles in the space of 2)
  • Have a ten year structured warranty
  • Also come with easy finance and lease options
  • Require only a few square yards of space
  • Are easy to operate, use, and maintain
  • Can be operated manually in the event of a power outage
  • Can be installed in three to five days
  • Are environmentally friendly

You can also call us to receive a free information kit about an automated parking system.

For Free Automated Parking System Info

You can place your order or get your free information kit by calling us at 877-708-8904. We can also be reached by email at or by fax at 718-945-1806. We will be available to help you install an automated parking system as an effective solution to your limited parking space, so call us today!