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11 May 2015

Smart Parking Finance and Lease to Own Options

Are you interested in getting a smart parking system for your parking lot or deck, but are not sure how you will afford it? Smart Parking Solution Inc. makes it easy for our clients to buy or rent to own a smart parking system that will fit their needs.

The reason that smart parking systems are ideal for many business owners is because it allows them to easily expand their available parking for their customers without actually buying more property or building larger decks. The robotic systems provided by Smart Parking Solution Inc. allow vehicles to be stacked on top of each other in a vertical system, rather than horizontally across a parking lot or levels of a deck.


Financial Benefits of Our Systems

Some of the financial benefits of a smart parking system include:

  • A cost effective way to expand your available parking
  • Financing options available to buyers
  • Option to lease to own your smart parking system
  • A ten year structured warranty is available as well
  • Systems have a useful life of between 15 and 20 years
  • The systems also allow for generating revenue through advertising

These systems can be incredibly beneficial for business owners or parking lot owners who want to increase the number of cars they can hold but want an efficient and affordable solution. Our vertical parking systems that can be financed or even leased to own can be ideal to solve this problem.

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