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13 April 2015

Smart Parking System; Time to Park Smart

Limited parking space may seem like a big problem for your business, especially when you have very little room to expand your lot. Fortunately, our company’s smart parking systems use innovative technology to solve this problem. This kind of smart parking system is frequently used in Europe and in Asia, and is becoming more and more popular in the United States as a way to easily and inexpensively expand your available parking space.

What Is a Smart Parking System?

What Is a Smart Parking System?

A smart parking system:

  • Uses robotic technology to stack vehicles in a limited space
  • Includes powerful but user friendly software for easy operation
  • Allows sixteen vehicles to be stacked in the space of two
  • Can also be operated manually so that power outages do not affect its use
  • Includes multiple entry and exit points to easily move vehicles around
  • Does the heavy lifting for you
  • Requires only seven yards by five and a half yards of used space
  • Is mobile, scalable, and environmentally friendly

These systems can be installed in only three to five days. This means that you will not be inconvenienced while the installation occurs. A smart parking system can last up to twenty years, and our systems come with a ten year structured warranty. There are also easy finance and lease options available for buyers. This makes a smart parking system a cost effective and efficient way to increase your available parking space.

Get a Smart Parking System Today

Call Smart Parking Solution Inc. to get your smart parking system installed right away. We can be reached at 877-708-8904 (phone), at 718-945-1806 (fax), or (email). Contacting us can also get you a free information kit about our smart parking systems. We are ready to help you expand your limited parking space.