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03 July 2015

Smart Parking San Diego

Smart parking San Diego is ideal to create increased parking in San Diego. San Diego has numerous businesses, and each one requires parking lots or decks to accommodate their clients and customers. But every business owner knows how expensive and difficult it can be to create additional parking, either by expanding your parking lot or by building decks.

Smart parking San Diego units are easily added to your existing lot or deck, and they take up very little space. However, because they use vertical stacking to park several vehicles on top of one another, they can vastly increase your available parking space.

Smart Parking San Diego

How Do Smart parking San Diego Units Work?

  • The systems use robotic parking lifts to stack vehicles one on top of another. They can fit up to sixteen vehicles in the space of two.
  • The Smart parking San Diego units are operated by easy to use software. Your employees can safely operate the lifts using the software, and they can also operate them manually if the power goes out.
  • The units are installed in only three to five days, and they can be easily moved and scaled to fit the space that you already have. They only take up a few square yards of space.
  • The units are extremely affordable. Each unit comes with a ten year structured warranty. We also provide easy financing options, rent to own options, and lease options.
  • By selling spots for advertising on the Smart parking San Diego units, you can generate extra revenue.
  • We can provide you with a free information kit about our units if you give us a call.

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