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27 July 2015

Smart Parking Philadelphia

Having smart parking in Philadelphia makes it easier for visitors. Visitors to Philadelphia are often struck by the number of major highways that run by, around, and through the city. I-95 and I-76 both surround and go through the city, as do the different spurs of these highways.

These roads stay busy because there are so many people who come into the city every day. With so many people coming into the city, having plenty of parking for them to leave their cars is crucial in a city the size of Philadelphia.

Sometimes, buildings or parking decks were built to only accommodate a few cars, and business owners often want to expand their parking so that they can provide parking for the increasing number of people visiting the city. Because it can be very difficult to pave new spaces or to build extra decks in a city already as crowded as Philadelphia, using smart parking can be the perfect solution.

How These Smart Parking Philadelphia Systems Work

  • To create more parking spaces, our systems stack vehicles vertically on top of one another instead of side by side.
  • The units are controlled by software that allows them to be operated safely and effectively.
  • By stacking cars rather than parking them side by side, our units can increase the spots that you have available for Philadelphia visitors and residents up to eight times.
  • They are installed in only a few days, so you can quickly resume business operations after the installation.

Interested in smart parking Philadelphia?

Investing in smart parking in Philadelphia is a simple and cost effective way to provide drivers in Philadelphia with easy parking options. If you want to learn more about our systems, you can call us for a free information kit at (877) 708-8904, or you can email us at