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29 July 2015

Smart Parking Minneapolis

Installing smart parking in Minneapolis helps increase parking. People do not always think of Minneapolis as one of the biggest cities in the United States. But Minneapolis is actually the fourteenth most populous metropolitan area in the country. Not only do many people live and work in the city, but it also attracts tourists, who come to visit the museums, see the famous sports teams like the Vikings and the Twins, or visit the area’s beautiful lakes.

But at almost sixty square miles, the city is also very large, and many people travel into and around Minneapolis using their cars. It is crucial that there is adequate parking to accommodate these vehicles, so that people can safely leave their cars while they explore the city, dine at local restaurants, and visit shops and businesses nearby.

Smart Parking in Minneapolis for your Business Needs

If you would like to add more parking spaces, but are not sure the best way to do so, consider smart parking in Minneapolis as an ideal option.

  • Rather than having to pave more spaces or build extra decks, a smart parking system will vertically stack the cars in the lot, fitting up to sixteen cars in a space that could originally only hold two cars.
  • The systems are easy to install quickly, so you can have the systems up and running to accommodate Minneapolis residents and visitors right away.
  • They are operated using a software system, but if the power goes out in one of Minneapolis’s winter snowstorms, the systems can also still be operated manually.

Interested in Smart Parking Minneapolis?

We also make our systems affordable through financing, rent to own, and lease options. If you are ready to invest in a smart parking system in Minneapolis for your business, email us at or call us at (877) 708-8904.