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10 July 2015

Smart Parking Chicago

Smart parking Chicago is the answer for all Chicago limited space problems.It can be difficult to add more parking spaces in a large and often crowded city like Chicago. However, if your business is growing and you are getting more clients and customers, you may really need a solution to increase your parking spaces effectively and at a minimal cost.

Our Smart parking Chicago units are the perfect solution in cases like these. Smart Parking Solution Inc. has created robotic parking units that vertically stack vehicles, thereby greatly increasing your available parking space. These units only take up a few square yards of space, so you do not have to pave additional parking lots or build extra decks. Instead, you can easily install one of our units and increase your available parking space up to eight times its original capacity.

The Features of Smart parking Chicago

Our smart parking Chicago systems have numerous other benefits as well. Some of the great features of our robotic parking systems include:

  • Easy to use software that controls the units and does the heavy lifting for you and your employees
  • A ten year warranty that applies to each of our units
  • A quick and simple installation period of only three to five days
  • A useful life of between fifteen and twenty years under normal conditions
  • Several options to ensure affordability: we provide financing, lease, and rent to own options for our smart parking Chicago customers
  • A free information kit prior to shipment
  • An environmentally friendly system
  • The ability to generate revenue by selling advertisement spaces on the smart parking Chicago units

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