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07 July 2015

Smart Parking Boston

How do you increase the parking spaces you have available efficiently, effectively, and at a low cost? In a busy city like Boston, this can be difficult to do because of space and cost limitations. Our smart parking Boston can solve this problem by being inexpensive, easy to install and use, and easily increasing your parking spaces.

The smart parking Boston units work by stacking vehicles instead of parking them next to each other. These systems can increase your parking spaces up to eight times. Vertical parking is the best way to add more spaces in crowded urban areas like Boston because the units take up little space and are very affordable.

Smart Parking Boston

More Information about Smart Parking Boston

Want to learn more about smart parking Boston from Smart Parking Solution Inc.? Here are some other benefits of investing in one of our systems:

  • A brief installation process of only three to five days
  • A useful life of fifteen to twenty years
  • Each unit comes with a ten year structured warranty
  • We also provide easy financing and lease options for our clients, as well as a rent to own option
  • The smart parking Boston units are controlled by user friendly software, so your employees can easily operate the robotic systems to vertically stack the vehicles in your lot
  • If the power goes out, the units can still be operated manually and safely
  • The smart parking Boston units provide additional opportunities for revenue generation through ad placement
  • You can choose which size unit you prefer and select one that fits your business’s needs
  • If you contact us, you can get a free information kit about our systems

Interested in smart parking Boston?

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