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18 May 2015

Robotic Parking: The Most Efficient Parking Solutions

Robotic parking solutions provided by Smart Parking Solution Inc are designed to address your parking needs, look no further than the . Our parking solutions are energy efficient and friendly to the environment, easy to control and maintain, mobile and independently operated, and small enough to easily fit into the space you already have while still adding up to eight times your available parking spaces.

Robotic parking makes it easy for your employees to operate our systems and increase your available parking. The robotic parking solutions can be operated automatically through user friendly software, so your employees can safely operate the systems. If the power goes out, the systems can also be easily operated manually, so you do not have to stop your normal business operations. Robotic parking makes use of vertical parking solutions in an innovative way to solve your parking needs.

Robotic Parking: The Most Efficient Parking Solutions

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Some of the most important features of our robotic parking solutions include:

  • The ability to move and scale our robotic parking solutions to easily fit in your current space
  • Systems that only take up 7 yards by 5.5 yards of space
  • Software that makes the systems simple to operate and maintain
  • An energy efficient system that also allows for revenue generation through advertising
  • Vertical parking, rather than horizontal parking, to stack cars on top of each other safely
  • A ten year structured warranty that comes with all of our systems
  • Installation that only takes three to five days, and systems that last up to twenty years
  • Simple finance and lease to own options for our customers

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