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03 April 2015

Robotic Parking Systems

One of the unique features of our parking lot solutions is our robotic parking system. The reason that robotic parking is so effective is because it allows parking lot owners to expand their limited space in an efficient, effective way that requires minimal cost or effort.

Our robotic parking systems include easy to use software that makes it very simple for employees to operate safely. The robotic parking system does the lifting of cars so that you or your employees do not have to, and it allows you to park up to sixteen cars in a space that would normally have only fit two. This can be ideal for parking lot owners who only have room to expand their space vertically. In fact, these robotic parking systems only require about 7 yards by 5.5 yards of space, so the installation process will not disrupt your existing space.

Robotic Parking

How Do I Get A Robotic Parking System?

First, get in touch with Smart Parking Solution Inc. to get a free information kit. Then, place your order. Your robotic parking system includes:

  • A quick, three to five day installation period
  • A fifteen to twenty year useful life
  • A ten year structured warranty
  • Easy financing and lease options available to fit your budget and needs
  • Powerful, user friendly software for easy use and operation
  • Option to operate manually in the event that there are power outages
  • Vertical parking so that you can easily expand your space

For More Info About Robotic Parking Systems, Contact Smart Parking Solution

We can be reached by a quick phone call to 877-708-8904 or by email at You have the option of getting a free informational kit or placing your order right away. We are more than happy to help you get your robotic parking system installed to expand your available parking space.