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15 June 2015

Robotic Parking Solutions to Increase Your Space

Count on Smart Parking Solution Inc. to provide you with the perfect robotic parking solutions for your limited space. We understand that you may not have the resources or the space to expand your parking and add more spaces to the area you already own. That is why our robotic parking solutions address this problem by providing a unique and inventive solution.

Robotic parking solutions that we can provide rely on vertical stacking of vehicles, using robotic lifts, to increase the capacity of your parking lot or deck. The units allow up to sixteen cars to be stacked in the space of two, which increases your capacity up to eight times. This means that you can attract more customers to your business.

These robotic parking solutions are widely used in Asia and Europe, and increasingly in the United States, to effectively increase parking in limited areas.

Robotic Parking Solutions to Increase Your Space?

More About Robotic Parking Solutions

  • The units take up 7 by 5.5 yards of space, and can be moved and even scaled to fit the space you have.
  • The units allow for revenue generation by selling ads to be placed onto the units.
  • The software controlling the units is easy to use and maintain.
  • Our robotic parking solutions come with a ten year structured warranty, as well as easy financing, lease, and rent to own options.
  • The units last anywhere between fifteen and twenty years under normal use conditions.
  • If the power goes out, the units can still be operated manually.

Interested in robotic parking solutions?

If you are interested in our robotic parking solutions, get a free informational kit by calling us at 877-708-8904. We will also be happy to discuss the options available to help you finance your unit.