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10 August 2015

Robotic Parking Chicago

Installing robotic parking in Chicago is a great way to increase the parking you have available and accommodate more visitors and customers for your business. Chicago is a very big and very busy city. It is a center of both business and tourism and is one of the most visited cities in the United States. That is why you need to have enough parking to accommodate as many people as possible.

As people continue to come into the city, whether to work or play, you want to make sure people have a convenient place to park their vehicles while they work, shop, and eat. However, you may have limited space, especially in such a well developed city.

This is where robotic parking in Chicago can come in. Our systems can add up to eight times more parking spaces, so you can accommodate more visitors to your business than you could before.

Learn More about Robotic Parking Chicago

Some of the other great features of our robotic parking systems include:

  • Easy to use software that controls the system, so your employees can safely operate the units
  • A ten year structured warranty, and a useful life of between fifteen and twenty years
  • Easy financing options, lease options, and rent to own options for our customers
  • An installation period of only a few days
  • The ability to generate more revenue by placing ads on the sides of your units
  • Moveable and scalable units to fit your space

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