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20 April 2015

Parking Systems: Smart Parking Systems

Smart parking systems are the most effective way to maximize a limited parking space. Smart Parking Solution Inc. provides state of the art parking systems that can effectively solve the dilemma of limited parking spaces.

Parking Systems: Smart Parking Systems

Features of Our Parking Systems

The most important thing to know about our parking systems is that they are efficient, easy to use, and even environmentally friendly. Smart Parking Solution Inc.’s systems include:

  • Systems that are mobile and flexible, so they can be arranged to fit your space
  • Robotic parking lifts that allow cars to be stacked in a limited space
  • User friendly software that controls the systems
  • A set up period of only 3 to 5 days
  • Independently operated units that are easy to maintain
  • 10 year structured warranties available for clients
  • A useful lifetime of between 15 to 20 years
  • Easy financing and lease options for clients

Benefits of our Parking Systems

The innovative parking systems we provide allow parking lot owners to increase the parking space that they have, especially when that space is physically limited. This is often a problem in big cities or downtown urban areas, especially if your business is growing and your parking cannot commodate it. If you find yourself needing to create more parking spaces than you have room for, we can install our systems quickly so it does not disrupt your business and can adjust them to fit your space and needs.

Our parking systems use robotic lifts, which move the vehicles in your lot and add up to eight times the parking space you have available. These are increasingly popular in Europe and Asia, because they add parking spots in limited space without disrupting the parking lot structure. The systems are also mobile, and they can move as you do.

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