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12 March 2015

Parking lifts: It’s time to be smart about parking!

The global average for time it takes to find a parking space is eight minutes and rising, according to ongoing studies conducted since 1927. That’s eight minutes of your life you could spend doing something more useful… or more relaxing. Moreover, the same studies have come to the worrying conclusion that about 30% of the cars in traffic are just people looking for somewhere to park! That could all be avoided with the use of parking lifts.

Parking lifts; Stack’em and rack’em!

Parking liftsWith space and land price being an increasing problem in modern cities, we have been looking up for a long time, developing vertically, rather than horizontally. The same strategy can apply to cars and parking. Vehicles are “stacked” one on top of the other, on platforms. There’s no need for ramps, access ways, stairs or even people. A smart car parking solution “parking lifts” your vehicle using an automated carousel, so it doesn’t need an operator. The parking lifts provided by Smart Parking Solution, Inc. take up a space of just 13 parking spots, but can store up to 100 vehicles in this space! They also save time.

With parking lifts; say goodbye to time-consuming conventional parking

We’ve already mentioned the time it takes to find a parking spot, but how about the time you spend finding your car in a crowded multi-storey car park? Sure, there are markings to help you out, but you have to remember a combination of letters and numbers so you can get back to your vehicle. Wouldn’t it be easier just pushing a few buttons? With car parking lifts, all your troubles are over. Powerful software and machinery handle the parking and retrieving of your car. It takes just a minute and a half and your car is delivered.

How do parking lifts work?

It’s not a secret and it’s not magic, either. Just smart design for smart car parking. Depending on the car parking lifts, the way it works can be as simple as driving up to a turntable, which will get your vehicle facing the right way for it to enter a carousel. Audio and visual sensors will help guide you and will ensure that the car is parked correctly. All you have to do then is exit the vehicle, lock it and walk away. Your car will be stored away from rain, snow and any type of harm. When leaving, the same turntable will help you avoid the tedious – and potentially dangerous – manoeuvres that you would have to perform in a conventional parking solution.

Still not convinced? Contact Smart Parking Solution, Inc. to have all your parking questions answered… and your time and space problems solved!