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23 June 2015

Parking Lifts: The Ideal Solution

Parking lifts allow cars to be stacked vertically, rather than parked horizontally next to each other, to vastly increase the parking spaces you have available in your lot or deck. Increasing your parking spaces can help improve your business by allowing for more customers to park at the same time, which is why parking lifts can be so useful.

The way these parking lifts work is through a robotic lift, operated by user friendly software, that stacks the cars on top of one another. This means that your employees do not have to do any heavy lifting, but can safely operate the units using the software, or manually if the power goes out.

parking lifts

Why Should I Get Parking Lifts For My Lot or Deck?

There are several benefits to having parking lifts installed in your space.

  • Parking lifts can increase the available parking you have up to eight times.
  • The units are environmentally friendly, mobile, and scalable.
  • The parking lifts only take up 7 by 5.5 yards of existing space, so they easily fit into your existing lot or deck.
  • The installation for parking lifts only takes three to five days.
  • The units last up to twenty years under normal use, and come with a ten year structured warranty.
  • The software that controls the parking lifts is easy to use and maintain.
  • The units can even provide extra revenue generation through advertisement sales.


We seek primarily to help our customers expand their parking spaces efficiently and inexpensively, and so Smart Parking Solution Inc. also provides financing, lease, and rent to own options to our clients that are easy to apply for.

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