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21 April 2015

Parking Lifts Are a Great Parking Solution

Have you discovered that simply do not have enough parking spaces to in the parking lot that you currently own? Smart Parking Solution Inc. has the ideal solution for people in situations like yours. Through the use of an innovative technology, our parking lifts allow you to increase the parking space you have available without having to renovate or expand your lot.

parking lifts

Parking lifts are an innovative solution that allow you to put up to sixteen cars in a space that used to be able to hold only two. The parking lifts are operated robotically and can be controlled by user friendly software, so the lifts are safe and simple for your employees to operate. This is one of the primary reasons that these systems are becoming popular in Europe and Asia — they allow for easy expansion of limited parking space.

The Benefits of Parking Lifts

Some of the many benefits of installing parking lifts include:

  • Movable, scalable, independent, and environmentally friendly units
  • Safe and simple installation and operation
  • A brief installment period of 3 to 5 days that will not disrupt your business operations
  • A 10 year structured warranty for clients
  • A useful lifetime of 15 up to 20 years
  • Easy lease and financing options for your personal needs

Innovative Parking lifts For Your Parking Needs

Parking lifts permit parking lot owners to add parking spaces vertically within the preexisting space. Rather than having to expand your parking space outward, parking lifts can be easily installed and will stack cars safely one on top of the other, which increases how many cars can fit into the available space.

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