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09 April 2015

Parking Lifts: An Effective Parking Solution

Have you found that your parking lot simply cannot accommodate enough cars in the limited space that you have? Smart Parking Solution Inc. can provide you with the ideal solution. Our unique systems utilize the fast growing technology of parking lifts to allow you to maximize your parking space without undergoing major renovation.

Parking lifts allow you to expand your existing parking structure and fit sixteen cars in the space of two. The lifts operate robotically and are controlled by software that is easy to use, making it safe and simple for your parking lot employees to operate. These systems are increasingly popular across Europe and Asia to allow for expansion of limited parking lot space.

parking lifts

What Are the Benefits of Parking Lifts?

Our parking lifts can offer parking lot owners numerous benefits.

  • -They are environmentally friendly, mobile, and saleable
  • -They are easy and safe to operate
  • -They can be installed in only 3 to 5 days to allow you to resume business quickly
  • -Our parking lifts come with a 10 year structured warranty and have a useful life of 15 to 20 years
  • -Each system comes with easy financing and lease options to fit your needs

Parking Lifts By Smart Parking Solution A Unique System

Parking lifts allow you to increase your parking space availability vertically. Instead of having to expand your space horizontally, parking lifts are easy to install and allow cars to be stacked safely on top of one another to increase the number of cars that can fit in a limited space.

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