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15 April 2015

A Parking Lift Can Expand Your Available Space

Having a limited space available for parking can cause problems for your business. If you find yourself in need of a solution to expand the limited available parking space that you currently have, a parking lift is just the right system for you.

These innovative systems provide enormous benefits to parking lot owners who do not have room to expand their parking space horizontally. A parking lift, instead, allows for you to park cars vertically, fitting up to sixteen vehicles where only two could have parked before. Furthermore, the easy to use software provides a user friendly interface so that employees can operate the parking lift safely and effectively. The system also can be operated manually so that power outages do not affect it.

parking lift

Why Invest In a Parking Lift?

Some of the benefits of getting a parking lift for your space are:

  • Ability to expand your limited space with a scaleable and mobile parking lift
  • An option to stack vehicles vertically instead of having to expand your space horizontally
  • Easy financing and lease options for buyers
  • Inclusion of a ten year structured warranty
  • A quick installation period of only three to five days to let you resume business quickly
  • An environmentally friendly solution to expand your parking

What Steps Should You Take To Get Your Parking Lift?

First, get in touch with Smart Parking Solution Inc. either by phone at 877-708-8904 or by email at This initial contact will get you a free information kit about installing a parking lift in your space. Then, you can easily place your order with us and have your parking lift installed quickly. You will then be prepared to handle more vehicles in your space than ever before. Call us today to expand your limited parking space!