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24 June 2015

Parking Lift; Why a Parking Lift Can Increase Your Space

When you have limited space for your customers to park but cannot expand your parking space easily or affordably, a parking lift can provide an excellent solution for your parking needs. Using a parking lift lets you stack cars vertically, rather than parking horizontally across a lot or a deck. By stacking vehicles vertically, you can increase your parking capacity up to eight times the number of cars it could originally hold.

A parking lift uses a robotic system, powered by innovative software, to stack vehicles on top of one another. The units only take up 7 by 5.5 yards of space, so they fit easily into the parking area you already have. Furthermore, the software is easy to use, allowing your employees to safely operate the parking lift without having to do any heavy lifting themselves.

A Parking Lift Can Add To Your Limited Parking Space

The Unique Aspects of a Parking Lift

The parking lifts created by Smart Parking Solution Inc. include:

  • Environmentally friendly units that can be moved or scaled to fit your needs
  • A ten year structured warranty, and a useful life of anywhere from fifteen to twenty years
  • The option to operate the units manually in case you lose power
  • A quick installation period (3-5 days) so you can quickly resume business operations
  • Financing, lease, and rent to own options available for our clients
  • The option to generate revenue by using the unit to post advertisements
  • A free information kit about our units if you call Smart Parking Solution Inc.

How to Order Your Parking Lift

If you ready to vastly increase your parking space at a low cost to you, call Smart Parking Solution Inc. today at 877-708-8904. We will get you your free information kit and discuss our different financing options with you.