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13 May 2015

Indoor Parking Solutions

How important are indoor parking solutions? While robotic parking solutions can often be an ideal solution for outdoor or open parking lots, the systems from Smart Parking Solution Inc. can also be used to create indoor parking for your customers as well. It is as simple as utilizing the façade as a cover to enclose the robotic parking system, keeping your customer’s vehicles safe from weather.

Smart Parking Solution systems are flexible and can be adapted to fit your needs, whether you need to create additional parking outdoors or indoors. By choosing a unit with a cover, you can easily convert your smart parking system into a covered parking space for vehicles, which many customers find attractive, especially in bad weather.

Indoor Parking Solutions

The Flexibility of Indoor Parking Solutions

If you want a system that can adapt to your needs, you have come to the right place. Our systems are easy to use and can accommodate your exact parking needs. Some examples include:

  • The ability to convert an outdoor system into a covered, indoor parking solution
  • Independent units that can operate individually
  • Mobile units that can be moved with you or shifted around your property
  • Software that is very user friendly and easy for your employees to operate
  • The flexibility of increasing available parking spaces without having to increase your property
  • Flexible financing options, including a lease to own option and a 10 year structured warranty
  • A useful life on each unit of 15 to 20 years, making these systems a good investment for your parking needs

Get Indoor Parking Solutions Now

If you are interested in getting one of our flexible parking systems, especially if you are interested in having covered indoor parking, contact our offices today. We will provide you with a free information kit and help you order your unit today. Call us at 877-708-8904, or email at