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25 June 2015

Ideal Robotic Parking Solutions

If you find yourself in need of more available parking space for your clients or customers, but you do not have much room to expand your parking lot or deck, consider robotic parking solutions for your parking needs. Smart Parking Solution Inc. has created unique systems that utilize robotic lifts to increase the number of parking spaces you have available at a low cost to you.

The reason that robotic parking solutions is ideal for many business owners is because the systems take up little space in your existing parking lot or deck, but can accommodate up to sixteen cars in a space that could previously have only held two. The systems are easy to operate, easy to afford, and can even be moved and scaled to suit your personal needs.

Robotic Parking Installation

More Benefits of Robotic Parking Solutions

In addition to its affordability and flexibility, the robotic parking solutions feature several other benefits for business and parking lot owners. These benefits include:

  • Systems that are easy to operate because they implement user friendly software
  • The ability to generate additional revenue by placing advertisements on the units themselves
  • A quick installation process of only three to five days, so it does not disrupt your normal business operations
  • Easy financing and lease options available, as well as a rent to own option to ensure affordability
  • An environmentally friendly solution
  • A ten year structural warranty, and a useful life of 15 to 20 years
  • A free information kit when you call us to learn more about our robotic parking solutions

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