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30 March 2015

Automatic parking system

Do you need to expand your available parking space, but do not have much room for easy expansion? An automatic parking system through Smart Parking Solution Inc. requires only 7 yards by 5.5 yards of disruption to your space, so it can be the perfect solution to expand your existing parking space.


automatic parking system

An automatic parking system can be installed in your parking lot in only three to five days, so you can resume operating your parking lot very quickly after installation. The innovative vertical stacking system can multiply your available space by eight times its original capacity. In addition, our software to operate your automatic parking system has a user friendly interface to provide for easy operation and maintenance. Should your power go out, your automatic parking system can even be operated manually so that you can safely and effectively continue to use your system.

Financing Your Automatic Parking System

Business owners and parking lot owners will be making a solid investment when they use automatic parking from Smart Parking Solution. Our systems:

  • All have a fifteen to twenty year useful life
  • Each come with a ten year structured warranty
  • Include easy financing and lease options

Using modern technology like automatic parking allows more parking lot owners to adapt their limited space to the growing demands of an increased clientele. That is why these solutions are increasingly popular in Asia and Europe and are growing in popularity in the United States.

Get Your Automatic Parking System Today

Calling Smart Parking Solution at 877-708-8904 or emailing us at is the first step to getting your automatic parking system. After getting your free informational kit, place your order with us and have your system set up in only a few days.