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19 June 2015

Automated Vertical Parking Systems

Automated vertical parking systems are the answer to all problems of limited parking space. It can be challenging to find a way to expand the parking spaces in your lot or deck without having to spend more than you can. While it may seem that the only solution is to expand your parking horizontally, a automated vertical parking system is more affordable and manageable to increase your available parking.

A smart parking system utilizes state of the art software that is easy to use. The software allows your employees to easily control the automated vertical parking system, which does the heavy lifting for you by stacking vehicles vertically on top of one another. This can increase your available parking space up to eight times its original capacity.

Automated Vertical Parking Systems

Features of our automated vertical parking systems

At Smart Parking Solution Inc., we make it very easy for our clients to afford automated vertical parking systems for their needs.

  • We provide easy financing, lease, and rent to own options for our clients
  • Our systems come with a ten year structured warranty
  • Smart parking systems have a useful life of between 15 to 20 years
  • The units are movable and scalable to fit your unique needs
  • They can be operated manually if the power goes out, so you do not have to halt business operations
  • They can add up to eight times your current available parking space to increase your clientele
  • The units also offer revenue generation through the form of advertisements

Additionally, the systems come with a powerful but user friendly software, so it is easy and safe for your employees to use and maintain.

Interested in Automated Vertical Parking Systems?

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