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01 June 2015

Automated parking systems

Automated parking systems can be the perfect solution for you if you were looking for an innovative parking solutions that will expand your available parking space, and you were not able to buy the real estate you need to do so.

Automated parking systems will allow you to park vehicles vertically instead of horizontally, so you can expand your space without purchasing more land or having to expand outwards.

automated parking systems

Reasons to Use Automated Parking Systems

What are the other benefits of automated parking systems? These systems include:

  • An automatic system that does the lifting for you
  • A manual option so that you can continue operating even if the power goes out
  • A software controlled system that is easy to use and maintain
  • An innovative system that vertically stacks vehicles to save you space
  • Units that only take up 7 yards by 5.5 yards of space, and are mobile and scalable
  • A quick installation period of only three to five days, allowing you to resume normal business operations promptly

Invest In Automated Parking Systems Today

Our automated parking systems are easy to afford, because we provide financing, lease, and rent to own options for our clients. Our systems come with a ten year structured warranty and have a useful lifetime of between fifteen and twenty years. As a result, our automated parking systems are excellent investment because they will increase the available parking spaces for your customers without an enormous expense on your part.

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