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03 July 2015

Automated Parking Systems Are a Great Solution

When you need to expand the parking spaces you have available for your customers or clients, be sure to consider automated parking systems to serve this need. These can be an ideal solution for you if you have limited space to expand and want an inexpensive alternative to paving an additional lot or adding another deck.

Why You Should Install Automated Parking Systems

automated parking systems

How can automated parking systems benefit you if you have limited space and want an affordable solution? Here are just a few of the reasons why they are perfect for you:

  • The systems are controlled with easy to use software, making lifting and stacking vehicles simple.
  • They can also be operated manually if there is a power outage, so you do not have to stop using them.
  • They can be installed in three to five days, and can be made to fit your space.
  • The automated parking systems can fit up to sixteen cars in the space of two.
  • They are protected by a ten year structured warranty and can last up to twenty years.
  • The units only take up only a few square yards of space, so they will easily fit into the space you already have.
  • We offer rent to own options, as well as easy financing and lease options, for our customers to ensure that they are affordable.
  • The units are environmentally friendly, and can even be used to generate revenue when you place ads on the units.
  • The units lift and stack vehicles themselves, so your employees can operate them safely.

Interested in Automated Parking Systems?

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