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09 March 2015

Automated parking system: four major benefits

automated parking systemPeople tend to be wary of new, revolutionary technology and the same is true when it comes to an automated parking system. There’s just something about doing things the way we are used to do them that appeals to us. That is until somebody shows us the benefits… and then caution gives way to excitement. Excited is exactly the way you should feel about an automated parking system, because it will change the way you park, forever. Tired of driving around the block for minutes, trying to find a spot on the curb? Or inside a multi-storey car park, trying to find that spot conveniently located near the elevators? Read on and find out how all this could be over!

An automated parking system is fast

Because computers do all the work, all you need to do is drive up to an automated parking system, position the vehicle while being guided by sensors, and leave. It’s really that simple! Best of all, you don’t have to remember where you parked your car. Depending on the system, you could be issued a card which you swipe at a terminal, “telling” the system where your car is so it can retrieve it for you. Alternatively, the system assigns a number to your car and you simply press the corresponding key on a numpad when you want to get your vehicle back.

An automated parking system is safe

A vertical parking solution is virtually inaccessible for anyone else except maintenance personnel, so your vehicle is safe from thieves. It’s also safe from scratches and dents. There is no way for the cars to come into contact with each other while in the system, and since the human element is completely removed, you can also rule out vandalism.

An automated parking system is green

What do people do when they are trying to find a parking space? They drive around. And what happens when they drive around? Their cars pollute the atmosphere. That’s why, according to studies, vehicles parked in an automated parking system emitted 6.3 tons of CO2 per year, versus 39.5 tons emitted by the same vehicles parked in a conventional parking. In addition, an automated parking system doesn’t produce any waste and uses less power.

An automated parking system is more visually appealing

Multi-storey car parks are essentially big hunks of concrete, most of the times with no walls. Because building costs run very high for these structures, developers rarely invest in making them also look good, not just be able to hold thousands of cars. While it may not win any beauty contests either, an automated parking system has a much lower visual impact, since it has a smaller footprint and doesn’t need to be very tall. The aesthetic appeal drastically improves if you opt for a Smart Parking System, since the outer structure is available in multiple versions. Call Smart Parking Solution, Inc. today (877) 708-8904 and see all the available options, as well as finding out even more benefits for using an automated parking system.