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29 April 2015

An Automatic Parking System Is the Perfect Solution

It can be a challenge when you need to increase the number of parking spaces you have available, but do not have much room to expand. This is when an automatic parking system can be the ideal solution. These systems only require 7 yards by 5.5 yards of space that they take up in your lot, and they increase your available parking spaces up to eight times the original capacity.

An Automatic Parking System Is the Perfect Solution

Furthermore, these systems only take three to five days to install, so it will not substantially disrupt your normal business operations. The automatic parking system allows for vertical stacking of vehicles which increases your available parking space. Also, the software that controls the system is easy to use, operate, and maintain. But the system can also be operated manually if there is a power outage, so your system will not shut down entirely and you can continue to use your automatic parking system.

How Can I Afford an Automatic Parking System?

Automatic parking systems from Smart Parking Solution Inc. are affordable and provide a good investment for both parking lot owners and business owners.

  • Each one of our systems has a useful life of up to twenty years
  • Our systems come with a ten year structured warranty
  • All of our systems include easy financing and lease options for clients

The innovative technology of an automatic parking system creates more parking spaces in a limited area, allowing your parking space to grow with your business. It is for this reason that businesses across the United States are beginning to use these systems extensively, just as businesses in Asia and Europe have been.

Call to Order Your Automatic Parking System

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