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04 May 2015

A Smart Parking System For Your Limited Space

You should not have to let limited available parking space hurt your business. A smart parking system from Smart Parking Solution Inc. can provide the solution to help you increase your parking space with little disruption to your parking lot or structure. These systems, used widely across Asia and Europe, are also becoming popular in the United States for business owners or parking lot owners who want to increase the number of spaces they have but have little room to expand.

A Smart Parking System For Your Limited Space

Information About a Smart Parking System

Some of the key things to know about a smart parking system include:

  • The use of innovative robotic technology to vertically stack cars in a small space
  • Easy to use, but still very powerful, software that controls the smart parking system
  • The ability to fit sixteen cars into a space that used to be able to only hold two cars
  • An option to operate the systems manually in the case of a power outage
  • Several points for vehicles to enter and exit, making the structures easier to position
  • The ability to lift and move the vehicles for you so you don’t have to
  • Structures that are only seven yards tall by five and a half yards wide
  • Units that are easily moved, scalable to your space, and good for the environment

Because these systems can be installed between three and five days, they do not disrupt the operation of your business and can be put in very quickly. A smart parking system from us comes with a ten year structured warranty but has a useful lifetime of up to twenty years. We also offer easy financing and lease options for our clients, meaning that a smart parking system is an extremely affordable solution for limited parking spaces.

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