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15 May 2015

A Parking Lift Is an Innovative Parking System

The new technology provided by Smart Parking Solution Inc.’s robotic parking lift can provide the perfect solution for your limited available parking space. If you find yourself needing to expand your customers’ available parking spaces, but do not have the space to add more spots, a parking lift can solve your problem efficiently and affordably.

A parking lift allows you to vertically stack cars in a limited space, rather than having the vehicles park horizontally. This means that you can fit up to sixteen cars in the space of two. The parking lift operates automatically so your employees do not have to do any heavy lifting, and the system is very easy to operate. This is why a parking lift can be ideal for business owners seeking to expand their available parking space vertically rather than horizontally.

A Parking Lift Is an Innovative Parking System

Why You Should Invest In a Parking Lift

There are many good reasons to invest in a parking lift. They include:

  • Easy financing and lease to own options
  • Ten year structured warranties, and useful lives of up to twenty years
  • A quick, three to five day installation that does not disrupt your business operations
  • Mobile and independent units that can be set up to fit your unique space
  • Software that is easy to use and operates the parking lift automatically
  • The option to operate manually if the power goes out so you do not have to stop business
  • Vertical parking lifts only take up 7 yards by 5.5 yards of your valuable space

How Can I Order My Parking Lift?

The best way is to call Smart Parking Solution Inc. at 877-708-8904. Your phone call will let us provide you with a free information kit and we can place your order right away.