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22 April 2015

A Parking Lift Can Add To Your Limited Parking Space

Your business may be expanding, but you have no way to accommodate your clients or customers in your limited parking spaces. If you find yourself needing to expand the limited space you have available for parking, the perfect solution can be found in a parking lift from Smart Parking Solution Inc.

A Parking Lift Can Add To Your Limited Parking Space

These unique systems can be the ideal solution for owners of parking lots who do not have the option, physically or financially, to expand their parking lot or structures. Instead, by installing a parking lift, you are able to park cars vertically stacked on one another using robotic technology. The software that controls the parking lift is easy to use for employees and does the hard work for you. Additionally, the system can be operated manually so that you do not have to stop operation if the power goes out.

Reasons to Invest In a Parking Lift

Are you wondering what kinds of benefits you will get from a parking lift? They provide:

  • The opportunity to stack cars in units that are mobile, scalable, and operate independently
  • The ability to stack cars on top of each other, rather than expanding your space horizontally
  • An inexpensive solution, due to the easy financing and lease options available
  • The security of a ten year structured warranty
  • The ability to get back to work quickly after a brief, three to five day installation period
  • An environmentally friendly way to increase your parking availability

Get a Parking Lift from Smart Parking Solution Inc

First, you should contact Smart Parking Solution Inc. either by calling 877-708-8904 or by emailing us at You will get access to a free information kit about a parking lift and how to install and use one. After that, you can place your order with us so that your parking lift can be installed right away. This will let you park more cars in your space than you ever could before. So call us right away to increase your available parking spaces!